If it wasn’t true Katy would ignore it, or refute it, not use emojis like we all do when we know that shit true. 

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Vanessa Hudgens - Say Ok

Hit The Lights; colour palette (insp)

Lady Gaga animated single covers. Inspired by (x)

G.U.Y color palette.



the only reason i watched that horrible show


Una de las cosas más tristes de la vida es despedirte de alguien que no quieres que se vaya.

Title: I Knew You Were Trouble (Demo)
Artist: Taylor Swift
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This is the original version of IKYWT Taylor meant to be released but Scott Borchetta finalized that the lyrics were incompatible with the rest of the album. Taylor obliged and altered the song for RED and the version we know now. Big Machine Records has recently leaked the demo. Let me tell you this is MUCH different from anything Tay has done before. Maybe this is a taste for album five? 


Kuzco is the biggest bitch in the house. always